The wind 7 AG is qualified as operating manager for the settling of all acitvities that came up with a team of qualifed experts from all sectors of wind engergy as well as strong partners.

Therefore the following services are just a detailed overview. We are pleased to take over further activities.

Technical management / Controlling

  • IT supported store controller
  • 24 h-equipment condition monitoring and stand-by for 365 days within the year
  • Error detection by analysis of operating data independently from manufacturer
  • Error analysis and correction
  • Registration of data and its documentation
  • Automtically current preparation of data
  • Maintenance history of wind turbine / components
  • Coordination and supervision of servicing activities
  • Documented visual  and upgrade checks
  • just-in-time maintenance
  • Condition-Monitoring-Systems
  • Evaluation of Condition-Monitoring data
  • Optimisation of the output curve
  • Coordination of all necessary maintenance and revision activities at Power Substations, Delivery
  • Point Substations and Transformer Stations
  • Ensurance of the technical communication in the windfarm and the wind turbine
  • Sealing of  the basis and the tower of a wind turbine
  • Control of the lightning arrestor systems
  • Supervising of the spare-parts delivery
  • Annual regulated PPE controls
  • Locally competent "troubleshooter"
  • Maintenance and optimisation of the infrastructure
  • Laser supported surveying and arrangement of the power train
  • Endoscopical and stethoscopical examination of  the gear, generator, etc..

Commercial management / Controlling

  • Monthly accounting with the Electricity Board and service providers
  • Administration of balances and credits
  • Objective dokumentation / transparent and detailled reports
  • Establishing of individual analysis and evaluations of profibility
  • Clear end-of-months accounts, end-of-quarter closing and annual accounts
  • Controlling of operating costs
  • Administration of time limit / expediting
  • Administration of lease / Contract management
  • Conflict management